Thank you to the volunteers at the Galgael for foraging for materials on the docks, and then helping to build and weave this green vessel. This is modelled on the traditional circular fishing vessel known as a coracle. These are typically made of willow and they say there as many coracle types as there are rivers, each adapted in its own way to suit the watercourse and the local materials available. This one had its own special flotation aid to deal with the brusque tidal current of the River Clyde. Another distinctive feature is the circular weave which can speak about the docks in different ways. Perhaps we can think of it as a big nest, or maybe a green island, or maybe a vessel to carry seed down the river… In any case, casting it off will honour the attachment to this place which has only been strengthened in the making. Special thanks to Maggie-Anne, Tam McGarvey and Jock Gordon at the Galgael.